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Who we are

The Center For The Sacred Feminine is all about living your sacred life with passionate, empowered consciousness. Women’s Wisdom is in and of itself a powerful life-stream to tap into to quench your thirst for validation, as well as giving you strength by drinking from living waters. You have this one life … live it from the passion and compassion of your soul.

Hypnotic Childbirth: Mother Nature's Intention

Learn how to quickly, easily, gently and calmly deliver your baby in an average of 2.9 hours

Awake, Alert, Aware & In Control

Keep comfort levels throughout at early labor levels

Sacred Feminine Class

Learn as the culture of women is re-built from the ancient well-spring of information that has been coming out of antiquity for many years.

Fun, Educational & Empowering

Sign-up here and start slurping up the juicy Sacred Feminine information you’ve been looking for to change your life in an enjoyable, empowering way.

Wholistic Empowerment Training

Learn life-changing practices and information for positive growth.

Personal structured growth plan

The information in this class integrates into your belief system.

Personalized Recorded Hypnosis Sessions

What do you want to work on? These sessions would follow a personal counseling appointment with Dr AnnaLynn.

Pre-recorded hypnosis sessions

Twenty minute hypnosis sessions on a wide variety of topics

Personal Counseling Sessions

By appointment only. Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) included when appropriate.

Also available on Skype

Schedule a session with Dr. AnnaLynn from anywhere in the world.