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  • 2.9 hour active labor and delivery average
  • No medication necessary with hypnosis, for healthy, alert Moms and Babies
  • Learn in five entertaining and educational sessions
  • Take the classes on-line for at-home convenience and comfort
  • Never too late to take the classes
  • Moms and their partners both love the classes
  • Informational handouts, videos and hypnosis sessions in each class
  • A PROMISE that you will be astounded and love what you’ve learned

Hypnosis for childbirth is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience. Dr. Zinn’s 2.9 hour active labor and deliver average really does amaze everyone involved, including doctors and nurses who just stand and stare, and shake their heads in wonder.

With hypnosis, no pain medication is ever needed. Labor progresses so quickly, quietly, and gently that even OB nurses don’t realize birth is imminent if they haven’t previously seen Hypnotic Childbirth: Mother Nature’s Intention in action.

Five consecutive classes, one week apart beginning ideally between 28-30 weeks gestation teaches you the philosophy behind this miraculous process, as well as a number of techniques unknown to most women and not taught in ANY other natural childbirth programs. This includes a highly effective technique which keeps levels of discomfort, if any, at early labor levels.

By scheduling your classes ahead of time and beginning within this time frame, you will complete your classes and have approximately four weeks to practice daily before your labor begins.

The classes are still teachable if you have passed 30 weeks, so don’t panic if you have waited. One of my most amazing clients waited until her first baby was due in four days, learned the techniques and skills, went through labor and delivery like a pro, and delivered a ten-pound, two-ounce baby boy! That’s how amazing this program is.

Scheduling ahead of time (20-25 weeks gestation) allows time for class materials to reach your home before you begin the classes.

A consultation with Dr. Zinn is scheduled by phone or Skype following each class to provide the personal touch which makes a positive difference in your success.  It also allows for the answering of any questions and clarifications before moving on to the next class.

Classes are for expecting Moms AND their partners who are completely involved with the training and assisting during labor and delivery. Husbands/partners are usually so entranced by the information by the end of the first class, they’re just as excited as the Moms.

You will receive informational handouts with each class, see videos of Hypnotic Childbirth like you’ve never seen before, and undergo an hypnosis session each week. By the end of the fifth class you will KNOW you’ve learned what you need to have learned to experience your own ecstatic, quick, easy, gentle hypnotic childbirth.

And so it is that I now present to the world at large, Hypnotic Childbirth: Mother Nature’s Intention. I PROMISE you’ll love it!

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