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As mentioned on the home page of this website, The Sacred Feminine is virtually an umbrella topic that covers a wide range of women’s wisdom. For the purposes of the classes offered here, we start with the word Sacred and go from there.

When we think about it, a startling revelation comes to us that the sacred texts with which we are most familiar, i.e. the Bible, Upanishads, Sutras, and the like, and become aware as we never have before that these sacred words written over millennia are spoken and written by men to men. This leaves us with a new and shocking awareness that there is a gargantuan gap in these texts: The absence, subjugation, and denial of the Sacred Feminine.

Where did the women’s teachings go? Why were all the women’s temples of worship destroyed, burned, struck down and covered over with Roman Catholic Cathedrals? What is the history here? Who did these things and why?

What happened to the Apostles, their wives and families? Where did they go to find safety? And why were the Apostles so jealous of Mary Magdalene? Why did Jesus call Mary Magdalene “The Apostle’s Apostle”?

These questions and many more are answered in the Sacred Feminine classes taught by Dr. AnnaLynn Zinn at the Center For The Sacred Feminine.

No matter who you are or what your spiritual/religious beliefs, or if you have none at all, this is a well-documented, scholarly trail that is easy to follow and relate to. It is an educational, entertaining, validating and empowering course of study. The way I describe it is to say that we can look at the black and white of the texts of the Sacred Masculine, imagine watering the pages and watching the colors emerge as women’s lives, practices and wisdom are revealed.

There is so much to discuss, absorb, add and experience as we learn together about what has been intentionally hidden from us for the past three to five-thousand years. Archeology has revealed much which opens the doors to more dynamic, happy, empowered living. Join Dr. AnnaLynn Zinn and open your sacred life to these beautiful truths which have been unearthed for the enrichment of our lives. Enroll now for a fabulous validating and empowering spiritual adventure!