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The Sacred Feminine is a deep and wide “Umbrella” topic that ranges from Sacred Women’s Wisdom from Antiquity’s Antiquity, Goddesses, Common Women’s Practices by Jewish Women, Christian Women, Pseudo-Christian Women, Judeo-Christian Women, all the way through to radical feminists, Goddess Worshipers, and Wicca Practitioners.

There is, remarkably, a plethora of information available on the subject of the Sacred Feminine and all it’s aspects. It is not, however, just a women’s subject as many modern-day men are equally interested in the feminine aspects of their own masculine beings.

There are just as many Sacred Feminine symbols which include the Fleur-de-Lis, scallop-shell, labyrinth, long-stemmed blood-red rose, the six-pointed star more commonly known as the Jewish Star, cup, V, Chalice, Vesica Pices () and more. The symbolic “meanings” of these symbols are thoroughly explained in many writings on the subject of the Sacred Feminine.

What you will find here, at the Center For The Sacred Feminine is primarily the information revealed by the Scholar and author, Margaret Starbird, who, in her own words was.

“Armed with an academic background in comparative literature, medieval studies, linguistics, and Scripture studies… [ along with my] own special interest and expertise [in] religion, medieval civilization, art, literature, and symbolism…”

Margaret delved deep into the heretical information she found through all these mediums combined, and wrote The Woman With The Alabaster Jar. The book not only turned my understanding of what was learned in early-life Christian teachings on it’s head in terms of the gargantuan flaw in Christian doctrine: the denial of the feminine; it did the same to Margaret and she tells her own story of the traumatic integration of this information into her life in her second book, The Goddess In The Gospels.

All of Margaret’s work is listed on the Resource page of this website, along with works by other authors on the subject of the Sacred Feminine. Additionally, the Internet is replete with subject matter on this topic. It is a truly wonderful, life- changing, enriching subject to study, and I invite you to start here, with me, at the Center For The Sacred Feminine, as we delve deeper into the life of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Sacred Marriage, The Holy Grail, and much, much more we never knew before.

As fellow Christians, as well as all others, please approach this information knowing that it only enriches what we already know, with the beauty of what is sacred and feminine.